St. George 1/2 marathon

St George 1/2 Marathon

This week we decided to spot light the St. George 1/2 marathon because it was a super fun race! I think this was one of the funnest halfs I have done for many reasons.  This is where Discover Your Happy's name came to past.  

The race started at 9am so we didn’t have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to get bused somewhere.  We got to sit in our car til literally 4 minutes before the gun went off taking pictures and hanging out, staying warm, waiting to hear the start of the national anthem.  I ran this race with some of best friends (Debbie Tebbs, Jess Perry and Suzy Smith). We decided before we started that we were going to stay together.  We never do that. (my husband even bet that we couldn’t do it…) This time we didn’t want to kill ourselves and wanted to have a good time.  And it was a good time! 

It felt so good to not run in 25 layers and a cloud of pollution.  Definitely think I need to re-think living in Salt Lake City.   The SG half is honestly not a PR course.  It is a very true course because not a ton of gravity is helping you out.  Believe me I was kind of waiting for a nice hill to just roll down.  With that being said, I loved it and it was nice to not have a race that kills your legs.  My legs were thanking me. I wasn't sore at all after. This course runs on a lot of St. George trails, past the Virgin River and through surrounding neighborhoods.  I remember thinking how clear and pretty the skies were and taking in the gorgeous red cliffs of St. George. The volunteers were very enthusiastic and helpful and the finish line was full of yummy food. (Thats why we run, right?!?)

Everytime we saw a photographer we stopped to pose.  Sorry for all the runners around us :)

 Who got the most air?

This is a great destination race!  Especially when you come from somewhere like Salt Lake City where we have been running in 10 degrees or less and inversion.  St. George was such a breath of fresh air!  The race was very well organized and seemed to flow smoothly.  

 And we are done :) We crossed the finish line doing cart wheels together and came in at 1:40.  Not our fastest half but by far our funnest! I highly suggest going to a destination race with friends and running it together.  The St. George 1/2 was the perfect race to do this!  

After we got our chips cut off we realized who the nice volunteers were :)

Best part about this race was doing it with our hubbies!  My husband, Taylor, decided to show us all up and beat us by quite a bit (glad I didn't stay with him) and Nate and Trent did the 5K.  My family is my happy and doing the things I love with my husband is a perfect combination. This is definitely going to be a new yearly tradition!!


  1. St george 1/2 with you girls will forever go down in the books as the most fun race. Love my runner girls. Love the boys that love us:)

  2. I loved that day, that weekend! It will go down in the books as such a fun time! Love my friends and our husbands sure are great! For sure a yearly tradition...I already can't wait for next year!

    And let me mention...the Swig, frozen yogurt and Sugar cookies after were a great bonus of the weekend too!!



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