Typical Daily Diet

We have gotten the email several times of readers wanting to know what our daily diet consists of. We appreciate your questions and we are going to answer this one today! When planning your diet...remember this!!

I will start...this is me...Jess!

My diet has been a little different these days because this little peanut inside of me is craving some not so nice things for my body. Here is how I usually feel...I am so undecided as to what sounds good!!

But I have to realize that they are just cravings and I still know what my body needs, the nutrients it needs and what is best for it. So here is what a typical day is for me...

(usually will eat 1-2 of these, depending on the size of my workout)

Mandarin Orange
Piece of Toast with a little honey & PB
Gogo Applesauce Pouch
1/3-1/2 PowerBar Performance Bar (Vanilla Crisp or Oatmeal Raisin)

Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat or Malt of Meal
1/2 Banana
Sliced Strawberries
Almond Milk

Morning Snack
(Alternate between these)
Think Thin Protein Bar
Green Smoothie
Strawberries & Cottage Cheese
Pretzels & Peanut Butter
Cucumbers & Cottage Cheese
Greek Yogurt & Granola

Some sort of sandwich or Salad.
Usually it is Turkey or Chicken. I don't use Mayo or dressings. I will use Mustard or Cranberry sauce on my sandwich and Balsamic Vinegar and Pepper on my salad. I don't eat a ton of cheese but I love avocado...that is something I definitely eat everyday at lunch!!

 Afternoon Snack
(Similar to Morning Snacks)
Think Thin Protein Bar
Green Smoothie
Strawberries & Cottage Cheese
Apple (I eat one of these everyday!!)
Pretzels & Peanut Butter
Cucumbers & Cottage Cheese
Greek Yogurt & Granola
Veggies & Salsa
Veggies & Hummus

Chicken or Fish. I don't eat red meat. I occasionally will prepare turkey something!
Some sort of carb. Brown Rice, Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Spaghetti Squash, etc.
Steamed Veggies. Favorites at our house are Broccoli, Endamame, Peas & Carrots, Cabbage, Asparagus, Zucchini.
Fruit. I love summer. Always have some watermelon, grapes, peaches or whatever we feel like!!

Before bed if I get hungry, I usually will eat a piece of fruit, some yogurt, or even sometimes a bowl of cereal.
I think no matter what your diet is...here is what you need to remember! You are what your eat. Your body responds to what you consumed and put into your body the day before! If you want lots of energy and to feel great...eat great things. If you want the opposite...you know what to do!!

What are some things you eat on a daily basis?
What are some bad habits you need to get rid of?

I, Keri, am a creature of habit!  I eat a lot of the same things on a daily basis.  I also like to eat a lot so I try to make it healthier so I can eat a little more quantity wise.  I switch it up depending on what I have around or if I go out but for the most part here is what I eat.  One thing I don't love to admit is that I am a big diet dr. pepper drinker.  Aside from that I try to eat pretty healthy.  Here's a typical day for me....

If i just wake up and run less than 8 miles then I don't eat before but anything over 10 or anything that's 30 min + after I workout I usually eat a protein pancake or a 1/4 c oatmeal with a 1/4 banana

(alternate between)
Protein shake (almond milk, banana, protein powder, spinach and cinnamon)
Cereal (Go lean) with almond milk
eggs with salsa

Mid morning snack
(alternate between)
wheat thins with laughing cow cheese
Luna protein bar

Turkey Wrap with avocado, spinach, mustard and tomatoes
salad with chicken and a bunch of veggies
Turkey or chicken sandwich 

Light popcorn
baked chips and salsa
Wheat thins
Apple, peach, watermelon or whatever fruit I have around
carrots and hummus
snap peas
wheat pretzel sticks (I love snacky carbs unfortunately)

Spinach salad with quinoa or brown rice and a ton of veggies and either Chicken or some sort of fish
Chicken (we love chicken in our house) omelette
Homemade wheat veggie pizza
Turkey burger Sandwiches

Protein shake
protein bar
cottage cheese and pineapple
light popcorn

HI!!! It's Deb....I am pretty boring, I find what works for me and I stick with it
If I am up early and out the door for an early run or workout this is what I usually eat...
 Pre workout
1/2 banana or 1/2 sandwich with peanut butter and honey (depending on how far I am running)
As soon as I am done running/ working out I consume a protein drink or Protein pancakes.

Eggs w salsa 
Oatmeal w any type of berries ( I LOVE Blueberries)
Green Smoothies

Peanut butter balls
Greek yogurt w/fruit or granola
carrots and cottage cheese
string cheese wheat thins

Turkey wrap sandwich w tomato mustard spinnach and AVOCADO!!
Turkey or chicken salad

Chips Salsa/ Guacamole
Pear or any ripe fruit
Cucumbers Snap peas
Strawberries and yogurt

Salmon or Chicken
Turkey burgers!!
Fish tacos
Spaghetti squash and sauce
Spinnach salads
Turkey lasagna
Asparagus, Zucchini, squash,sweet potatos

Yogurt cinnamon pretzels


  1. Thank you for this!! I have been needing new ideas!!

  2. Thank you Jess, Keri and Deb! I have been needing some new ideas lately and this was just the key! Thanks a million!

  3. How do you make your green smoothie?



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